Adam Weaver, Landon and Jason Tomlinson
Big Catch
by Jason Tomlinson

I rise and shine earlier than I usually do
to add another experience that’s new
with my father-in-law my brother-in-law and my son
and the moment my line is cast I’ve already won
because I’ve been fishing before but never like this
never with so much I never wanna miss
like the value of these men and this young man
If fellowshipping with them were the only plan
then that would be sufficient but I get even more
waves crashing knee high rolling in on the shore
with the Atlantic sunrise lighting the way
what a picture at the start of my day
and for a moment I’m alone standing there in the ocean
my heart and mind are captivated by the notion
that this morning is exactly what it is supposed to be
we didn’t catch a thing and that is alright with me
we’re not walking to the beach house with any fish to fry
we got something better and the simple reason why
is we surrendered the outcome to gain something better
the serene scenery and most of all being together


Adam Weaver, Jason and Landon Tomlinson
Jason Tomlinson