Monica Darbyshire

Making a Difference (a tribute to Monica Darbyshire)
by Jason Tomlinson

Hero work is rarely portrayed on comic book pages
on little screens big screens or video game stages
but out on city streets taking calls every night
facing death fully and putting up a fight
on behalf of those in the most desperate situations
where tragedy has interrupted their immediate destinations
but Destiny makes a move to intervene
and there she is right at the scene
the injured couldn’t ask for a better one
than my friend who will pull every stop to get it done
two books two rules and one philosophy
if I was hurt I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather see
than this awesome sister with a golden soul
making a difference is her goal
so if a life can be saved then she absolutely will
use her knowledge strength experience and skill
to get that person to a place of rest
for healing and wholeness saved by the best
but if a life is finished and the end draws nigh
she will guide that soul to the edge of goodbye
giving them exactly what they need
dignity honor a life saver indeed
I thank God for her and her example worth emulating
I thank Him for such an amazing person – one we all could be imitating