There’s Always Something

There’s always something to write about
there’s always something going on
you can say there’s not but I have no doubt
that ideas and opportunities won’t soon be gone
and by opportunities I’m stretching the boundaries
of what your imagination will permit
because these games have liberal referees
free your expectations go ahead and forget
the rules you have on what inspires
it’s much more than you think
simple things can light your fires
and get you way past the brink
of tradition and boring interpretation
there’s only one thing you have to do
if you’re engaged in regular respiration
then that is all that’s required of you
yes – just breathe – nothing more
that would be amazing conceptually
the actions taking place present at the core
are evidence you’re made beautifully
and beautiful ones make beautiful things
no flattery here nor attempt to mislead
you – just you – just what your story brings
is perfect for this world for you are what we need