Worth it All
by Jason Tomlinson

White sheets yellow forms green and blue ones too
a new school year is here – so much to do!
lines to wait in hands to shake
rosters to pick up plans to make
emotions hopes and expectations
policy updates and evaluations
sharpen the pencils arrange the desks
pick everything up leave no room for mess
just a short list for every teacher in every hall
why do we do it? is it worth it all?
the answer is a resounding yes
I don’t even have to think or guess
regardless of the drama this job can put us in
it’s all about these children young women and young men
it is my goal yes even my aspiration
to unlock their potential through academic animation
to empower them as they go through
so they can perform what they were born to do
for every student that comes through my door
they are worth it all and so much more