Wrong or Thirsty?
by Jason Tomlinson

A moment is all we have this life is over quick
discretion is imperative when we get ready to pick
the content of our words and actions
do we choose prohibitions or instead offer attractions?
suppose someone is about to drink poison and you realize what they’re doing
instinctively you want them to stop the course of action they’re pursuing
you could yell make a scene and knock the cup out of their hands
vindicated by your right standing however coercive your demands
or you could offer them water to drink instead
letting the goodness flow within forsaking decisions based on dread
the truth is so many want the poison inside
millions seek it but not one is satisfied
in the moments that we have let’s turn on the light
and focus less on what’s wrong and more on what’s right
the poison will be revealed in time of course it’s gonna stink
but if we don’t share a cup of water they’ll never get a drink