Jason and Leah Tomlinson
Good Times are on the Way
by Jason Tomlinson

If I had to make a prediction I would have to say
that despite what you’ve heard good times are on the way
I know you may not want to believe
I realize I may appear naïve
but I prefer to be thought of as enlightened
in a world that constantly wants me to feel frightened
I don’t know what’s next but I do know how it ends
at the finish line in glory with family and friends
even until then I’m convinced there’s more to look forward to
if my optimism seems shallow then let me gently reassure you
that it is not – there’s a rock to which I am tethered
and in that reality I can stand even while weathered
outwardly I am wasting away but inwardly I am renewed
knowing this is life and strength and positive attitude
knowing this empowers me to say
that I believe good times are on the way