People are Worse God is Better
by Jason Tomlinson

People are worse than you think
there is no limit to how low they’ll sink
the so-called good are as bad the bad
the whole of our righteousness is sadder than sad
to hope in even one is an exercise in insanity
to trust in yourself is shallow vanity
I speak as one that knows for I am corrupt too
depraved in thought wicked in what I do
but God is better than you could ever imagine
unlimited and boundless awesome in form and fashion
His love is enough to cover all who live
His Grace is sufficient to abundantly forgive
the wickedness that men do think and are
drawing near His heart even the farthest of the far
His righteousness His power is perfect bright and blazing
doing the impossible only ever always amazing
I’m only aware of a fraction of a fraction
infinite and holy beautiful in thought and action