Treasure You
by Jason Tomlinson

Many words straddle the fence concerning their part of speech
I love pointing this out to my students in the classroom as I teach
and there is no shortage of examples for me to relay the measure
but the one that has currently captured my attention is the noun verb treasure
and the side receiving my current attraction
is the side that expresses the action
treasure can be what you have but it is also what you do
it is what you do with people and memories that mean the most to you
there are so many souls of infinite worth
that deserve to be treasured here on earth
I think of my wife my children my mom and dad
my brothers and my friends and so many who make me glad
I treasure every last one of them for that’s what they are
I hold them in my heart and even when they’re far
I treasure them until theory becomes practice
reunited joyfully and the simple fact is
I don’t have to be near the ones I love so much
in order for me to treasure them I can do it without a touch
without a word without a thing but my heart
when it comes to treasuring do you know the best part?
the best part is that treasuring someone is done on the whole
I treasure those who share affinities to the soul
and there is no counterfeiting that nor is there a substitute
if I treasure you then know we are kindred spirits same heart same root