Love Bombs
by Jason Tomlinson

The only thing more dangerous than fear is love
fear is strong but love is above
all others in terms of what it can render
fear is a tight wad but love is a spender
fear is a chain but love is a bomb
fear is a stranger but love is a mom
or a dad or a husband or a wife
fear is death but love is life
and life is blowing up like I’ve never known before
fear won some battles but love won the war
and I was so scared so scared I wouldn’t get through
so scared the chains of fear would asphyxiate my soul but love knew
love knew what I needed in order to conquer my fear
these love bombs broke the fear chains that bind and fear is not welcome here
fear knows it oh he knows it very well
and he also knows that when he tries to return he can just go to hell
love has no time for fear and all that he assails
love is always stronger than fear fear falters but love never fails