Indefinite Solution
by Jason Tomlinson

Problems are solutions that have ceased to be so
it was useful for a minute but now it’s got to go
the answers we gave to the questions of the past
seemed valid at the time but they weren’t made to last
patches on wounds that never healed
stoppers on leaks that were never sealed
this is certainly true to the human experience
clarity gets choppy from all the interference
I wonder if there’s an answer is there a way to solve
all these puzzles and problems faster than they evolve
I’m not even sure speed is a factor
a quick fix sure can be an attractor
but I bet if you want to avoid a big mess
forsake the temporary and embrace the timeless
without beginning and easily without end
there is no expiration date on this Friend
there are no situations without his relevance
no truth no beauty apart from His elements
He is Perfection living water Holy fire
He is the solution that will never expire