Vengeance in Me
by Jason Tomlinson

I have a score to settle with someone who has hurt me a lot
someone who knew better but did it anyway and got caught
up in himself and everything he never needed to be
I’m a bit of an expert because I’m talking about me
and you might say that this is a vengeance story
and it’s not about pride vanity or glory
but the fact that my old self has hurt me so much
his words his actions his thoughts his very touch
make me want to stand and say
that vengeance is mine and he’s gonna pay
but as soon as I say such things I have another thought
that it is not my hand through which vengeance must be brought
it’s actually more beautiful what I’m saying is
that vengeance isn’t mine vengeance is His
He even says so it’s in The Word
and it’s downright silly stupid and absurd
to think that I’ve hurt myself as much as I’ve hurt Him
He loves me more than I love myself His Light is never dim

God I need You today I need You to deal with my past
I need You to handle my laziness my pride these things don’t need to last
I need You to handle my deception my isolation and my self-centeredness
God I need You to handle all of my rebellion all of my sin it’s a mess
I need You to settle the score on the things that I used to be
fill me with Your Holy Fire take Your vengeance in me