Held in the Arms
by Jason Tomlinson

The disappointments of man are more than I can count
our transgressions mistakes and failures are an ever increasing amount
my feelings of safety waver from day to day
and between friends family and acquaintances I know of none to whom I can say
what it is that burdens me so deep
pain that invades my lightest consciousness to my deepest sleep
there is only One I can trust and the only thing left to do
is to run into everlasting arms and hide myself in You
You Who knit me together in my mother’s womb
possess proprietary understanding when alone in my room
and my loneliness comes to stay in order to remind
that You are enough and You are close enough to find
save whatever may be at hand or in my head
Your Spirit wraps my fragile heart with every single word You’ve said
I am held in the arms of the One Who gets me
letting my weary heavy laden heart rest I am exactly where I need to be