Love Matters
by Jason Tomlinson

The devil wants you to hate with no limit at all
draw a line build a wall sever a tie ignore a call
decide who’s in and who is out
practice skepticism like a sport and like a badge wear doubt
fill up on self-righteousness to the very brim of your soul
master yourself completely be in total control
right up to the point of being your own best friend
completely isolated embittered to a bitter end
Jesus wants you to love with every word thought and deed
draw a circle build a bridge light a candle meet a need
until everything you do becomes synonymous with grace
and every downtrodden pilgrim is lifted by your face
every bankrupted fighter is encouraged by your voice
because none can deny the claim you’ve staked your choice
was to put others before yourself to love with no restriction
to let kindness fall like a gentle snow your action and your diction
attracted the lame the wounded the excluded and the shattered
and in the end you will be surrounded by the only wealth that ever mattered