Are You Enough?
by Jason Tomlinson

Dear God my world is scary and I can’t see around it
death wants to consume life and leave hope confounded
intolerance wants to draw lines between sisters and brothers
fear wants us to misunderstand and mistrust all others
the tide is high today and survival is impossibly tough
I know of no other to turn to but God are You enough?
are Your arms wide enough to receive all this pain
from Your disillusioned children who can’t account or explain
the depth of depravity that demands so much
are You sufficient? are You willing to touch
us in our brokenness bitterness and blame
pride provocation selfishness and shame?
are You enough to exorcise these demons we cling to so tightly
these idols we worship so consistently? might we
find in You what we’re looking for
instead of these substitutes we delight in and adore?
are You enough? are You enough for a day like today?
when there’s not a place on the planet that has an ounce of peace to stay
when the devil’s division has separated so many
that we all imagine we are enemies and allies there aren’t any
when the fractured right and the broken left
delight in being consistently cleft
we need to know God this tide is impossibly tough
can You pull us out? are You enough?