Brave Tears
by Jason Tomlinson

These are not tears of fear anxiety or pain
these are the deep soul stirrings that I cannot simply explain
there’s a lot going on behind these tears I shed
bear with me this won’t be something easily said
what I’m feeling spans the depth of the heavens to the grave
these tears express my soul to be brave
and we need to brave because there’s so much we could fear
there’s so much to quake for and cower down here
but the source of our bravery supersedes it all
everything else quit but it knocked down the wall
and kept going and going and going it didn’t end
when the universe abandoned us it was still our friend
when the universe expired it endured beyond the grave
and when the universe was a coward it was still brave
that’s what I’m talking about that’s what I’m crying
what these tears are saying is that I’m not afraid of dying
because One shrugged off the state of the grave
and His resurrection empowers me to be brave
whom shall I fear since this is the case?
what shall alarm me with eyes fixed on His face?
doesn’t all opposition show itself to be hollow
when placed next to the strength of the One I follow?