Still Have Rest
by Jason Tomlinson

It sucks that we’re lazy we let everyone else cast the vote
into a lonely ballot that does know us because we’ve barely sung one note
we’re mute blind and deaf to what is happening before us
my 40 years of life on this planet have borne witness to the same chorus
and it’s not changing it hasn’t changed and I don’t expect it ever will
we don’t actually care about these figures regardless how good or how ill
I judge my country for its apathy its laziness its distractedness
its ingratitude for these blood bought liberties that should never be taken for anything less
than a power that should only be exceeded by a burden for responsibility
an attention to these details that impact you and me
but God knows this culture that would rather watch the movie than read the book
will let another opportunity go by without so much as a second look
so it’s in His hands I find that all of this doesn’t find me stressed
despite my impatience and my indignation I find that only in Him I still have rest