Humble and Low
by Jason Tomlinson

How did it feel that night in the stable?
when the parents of my Lord found themselves unable
to properly provide for the needs of the King
no star leading the way no angels to sing
no room in the inn no cradle no bed
I imagine Joseph thinking dubious scratching his head
completely at a loss as to where his Son would sleep
no greater understatements could be made to say their surroundings were cheap
but fast asleep our Lord was laid in the only possible place
the feeding trough for livestock imagine the look on Mary’s face
as she swaddles Him to lay Him down – embarrassment pain shame?
no human should rest in such a place much less the Name above every Name
the Prince of peace the Lord of Lords the high and exalted One
and yet there He is asleep in the trough this picture of God’s own Son
makes me remember I’ve been mistaken
that life is not about what can be taken
identification not with those who succeed and advance
but rather with the humble and the lowest circumstance