by Jason Tomlinson

Does evidence change minds?
does behavior follow what is true?
does data lead to informed decisions and progress for me and you?
when presented with what is does mankind adjust for what will be
or do we stay the course giving no regard to what ears hear and eyes see?
a day is all it takes for anyone to understand
that nothing comes close to the magnitude of the ignorance loved by man
I wish I could say that this was an accusation or indictment but no it is a confession
inability at best unwillingness at worst this is more than mere impression
it is years strung together of observation of the knowing without the doing
unpracticed theories unsought goals with no progress gained pursuing
but here’s the good news and this is for everyone
I believe we all make changes we all have a means for plans done
I have changed for sure improvements have certainly set in
I have elected righteous behavior as well as repented of sin
and the evidence played a part it’s true but it alone didn’t save a trip
for evidence is useless to bring about change change is found in relationship