She and He
by Jason Tomlinson

She is a wonder second to none
a bright light for sure clever and fun
inspiring and curious with ferocity in her soul
vibrant and evolving alive and whole

He is a fortress a pillar of strength
a home for identity with breadth and length
hilarious and light and strong for days
wholly unique empowered in his ways

She carries the past into the present and unknown
she has fruit now and even more to seed to be sown
with broken glass fallen down from the shattered ceiling
her arms flexed for fighting her heart prepared for healing

He instills beauty value and worth beyond compare
he rises to empower to to speak into and declare
that nothing can stop her no challenge no quest
a massive mighty force for good indeed the best

She is the apple of his eye his rare and costly pearl
she is his daughter his precious little girl

He is her standard her start and she is more than glad
to have him as her father he is her Dad