The Bread and Cheese Man
by Jason Tomlinson

Sometimes responsibility becomes opportunity
transformed into something greater to see
because luck favors the prepared and greater still
is the gateway to victory when greater honor is our will

The bread and cheese man was bringing bread and cheese
an average mission with high levels of ease
but when he got to the drop off not all was well
because a bully was giving the good guys hell
and the good guys were taking it and the bread man could not believe
that forty days had gone by and this is what they chose to receive
he wasn’t having it so he spoke up to say
that the end of all this bullying was going to end today
he would fight the giant though he had no shield nor sword
Goliath had both but David had the Lord
and in his mind that was sufficient might
a stone and a sling later he was surely right
Goliath assumed that power dwelt in the outside world of men
but David knew that nothing can match the power of God within