by Jason Tomlinson

Young me loves present me and future me does too
the first one sends hope the second sends perseverance to get through
I send young me honor because I know he turns out ok
I send future me gratitude – the source of my strength every day

There was a time I sent younger me shame
a time I pinned on him guilt and blame
but I recognize now the folly of such a course
young me frequently unplugged from the source
and shame on top of indiscretion is a deadly combination
so I chose to learn instead and that yields emancipation

Also my relationship concerning future me
was once a source of worry and much anxiety
what’s he gonna be like is he gonna be alright?
is he gonna be able to leave the darkness and instead walk in the light?
but that’s just as useless as anything this I can surely say
that gratitude is my gift to future me the gift that bridges the day

Connection with what was what is and what will be
wholeness and health – this is the key