Hello readers and friends! I am beyond excited to announce a new project of mine that is an interview podcast. Take a look!

Imagine, you are a building and every level is a part of your life. Some levels are easy and fun to visit and we readily include others in them. Some levels are sacred and we only allow a select few on to them or no one at all. I invite you to see God living and active on every single level. Welcome to Eight Stories Tall, the podcast that explores 8 levels of a person’s life. As your host, I will sit down with one person per season and have a conversation with them on a specific theme or topic each episode. Season one, which launches August 4, 2021 will feature my dad, Joe Tomlinson, JR.

I can’t wait to turn this loose for y’all! For more information, I’ll put the links below for the Facebook page and Instagram account. Thanks for reading!

Facebook page

Instagram account