The stage is empty save the presence of one thing

and it is tall dark and beautiful for what it is about to bring

it is the tool of those whose heart beats like mine

the sender of every word verse and line

there is nothing better than seeing it in such a light

to behold its bold simplicity is pure delight

its been lonely lately ignored by me

it is the microphone here to bring back the poetry

I can pour it all out into this

and get the blessing so as not to miss

the cry of my heart at every mark

the low and high the light and dark

the abstract is translated into cement

with the use of this solitary instrument

for more than half my life its been used by me

my pen is here to bring back the poetry

I’ve tried life without it

I’m in and out of being all about it

but my emotional wiring and creative DNA

cannot be satisfied without it every day

its how He made me and it is a treasure

like the runner I feel His pleasure

it is Him living in me

I am here to bring back the poetry

The inside cannot remain within

it becomes a fire under my skin

I’ve tried to fight it time and again

but yielding is the only way to win

I can’t sit on this stuff I’ve got to let it out

better said “I want to” no doubt

it’s what I’m into it’s what I’m about

it is my journey destination and route

where I was where I am where I will be

how I smell touch hear taste and see

from Agana, Guam to Nashville, Tennessee

this is what I do this is me

in life and death this is my choice

touched by the Divine this is my voice

in His branding I rejoice!

I am under His constant touch

as one who has been forgiven much

I’ve done a whole lotta you know such and such

but now I’m lovin’ every single day

this is what He made I’m in His way

He is why I move act and obey

Giver and Receiver of every single word I say

from Him to Him forevermore He’ll be

my decrease His increase forever infinity

breath of Life Word of Truth making the blind to see

My God is here and He is the poetry