Hey everyone.  It feels so good to do this.  This week’s offering is for my friends.  Thanks for reading

Hold my hand – I’m going in a dark place

no maps can serve me in this uncharted space

I have no idea how long I’ll be in here

but I’ll never get out if you’re not near

you don’t have to do anything at all

just stay by my side and in the moment I fall

don’t laugh don’t correct don’t judge or demand

please don’t say a word – just hold my hand

if you stay with me through thick and thin

I know you will be my best chance to win

you will be my life in the swelling tide

and we will emerge on the other side

I long to be done how I want to be through

how I hope these dark days are but a few

I hope to live beyond this land

please don’t go – please – hold my hand

Enjoy your weekend.  See you next Thursday!

Jason Tomlinson