9 P.M. reveals a hook in my soul that I quickly deny

the stage is set for failure and sanity says goodbye

I don’t want to feel a thing – I’d rather die

than spend one minute in the painful truth – so I lie

I lay down and deceive myself again

oblivious to the the entity I just invited in

coming into the room she seems like a friend

she helps me cope and unwind she’s the means to my end

but as silently as she entered she will disappear

and in a moment I will feel the weight of her having been here

I am so lost and lonely I am overcome with fear

all have gone away neither enemy nor friend is near

none can rescue me when I’m in this deep

none can bind my fractured soul to keep

none can lead these dry eyes to weep

covering my brokenness I go to sleep

If you feel this way talk to someone.  Find someone who is safe.  Have a great week.  Thanks for reading