Thanks for all your feedback.  If you like these poems feel free to subscribe.  This week’s poem is written from the perspective of a colonist around 1776 or so.  With love for the history buffs, here’s this week’s offering:

Choose to Be Free

When rights are requested but severly denied

when fellowship is sought but ingored by one side

when respect is given but not reciprocated

when audience is extinguished and all hope decimated

new rights are granted

new fellowship is planted

new respect is given

and hope is risen

July 4th 1776 every die had been cast

by 13 colonies who agreed the point had come at last

for the dissolution to be made of submission beyond the sea

there was no life in service to the crown these colonies declare themselves free

and free colonies disappear under heavier weights

shackled satellites bound no more we emerge United States

to these states we swear allegiance and our passions burn

everything is at stake here we’ve passed the point of no return

there is no turning back we’re fully aware of what we’ve done

plan B?  contingency options?  other ideas?  there are none

we are prepared to fight we are ready to die

there is no uncertainty as we raise our cry

to declare that this is who we are

if the end draws night upon us or if it be far

if we fail and all our efforts are ravagely torn apart

we would rather die such a death than ignore our own heart

better to die as citizens than live under tyranny

we choose to be united we choose to be free

Thanks for reading!  Have a great week.

Jason Tomlinson