This next poem is a little bit long so I’m breaking it up.  Thanks for reading.  Here’s this week’s offering:

What if?

You’ve waited for this

you’ve prayed for this

you’ve gotten down on your knees and begged for this

for this you’ve been up long sleepless nights

and been engaged in near fist fights

’cause others have it but you still don’t

and only God knows whether you just can’t or you just won’t

but you don’t have it and makes you so ill

’cause there ain’t no telling if you ever will

but let me speak hope to the core of your fear

my brother my sister what if it’s this year?

what if these twelve months mark the bounds

for the structure of your dreams to be found?

what if you extinguish your disappointing doubt

before you blow your next birthday candles out?

you may well find the answer my friend

and that all your means will meet their sweet end

Thanks to all who have helped and are helping me hang on.  Have a great week.

Jason Tomlinson