Last week’s poem was the personification of peace.  This week is love.  Hope you’re well.  Thanks for reading.


She always does what’s best for me

her will for my day is the best it possibly can be

her intentions and executions agree one hundred percent

what she does is always what she meant

how I wish I could say the same

for in the deficiencies of our relationship – I am to blame

my distractions preconceptions and biases prevent

proper reception of the messages she sent

she doesn’t give up though even if she’s mad

she believes in me and I am so glad

she’s able to get in and let me know

that no matter what I do or where I go

I’m never too bad too low or too far away

for her to change my night to day

I’m learning to receive what she freely hands out

I find that as I’m able to let go of doubt

there is nothing but sacred beauty in her service to me

and holding on to her I am who I was meant to be

I find what I have had no grasp of

when I let go of me and hang on to Love