This is me going on about God.  He has been so good to me!  Pass it on if you dig it.

Grab a pen and pad the only thing I wanna do

is send praise out to the One who is faithful and true

you have to agree there is no one like He

Who made everything and set us all free

it moves me to go do be and pursue

the One who gave life and breath to me and you

He fills me with purpose and a word to uplift

and give my whole life as a daily gift

the only reason I do what I do is because He is real

He ransomed me from the grave and on me put His seal

let me just say there was a time that I now hate

‘cause everything I did was about me filling my plate

every day of my life was about me myself and I

little did I know or care for the Most High

all the while He was slowly drawing me in

He was calling me to release all my sin

He was calling me in worship to give it all away

He was calling me to the Throne Room every day

He knew He loved me and I could be brought back

and that His grace would get me on track

and then it happened but not just over night

let me tell you I did put up a big fight

but I got quite a dose of His Reality

and began to realize life aint about me

but this world my life – yes – the whole universe

is about declaring His glory in every single verse

there is no corner where He cannot be proclaimed

from the deepest to the highest His glory is exclaimed

and then and all over again infinite without end

from forever ‘til forever this is how we’ll spend

our time even when time is no more

His might His glory His name we will adore

lift up magnify glorify and raise

exalt laud applaud and praise

this what we will do in the land beyond the sky

this is life forever in the glorious by and by

lets engage so we’ll be ready to go

we’ll be with Father – fully in the know

we’ll be with Jesus – Who took all our sins away

we’ll be with the Holy Spirit in the land of endless day

forever and ever and ever we will give Him glory

from now until forever let this be our story