Hey everyone!  This week talks a walk on the humorous side.  Hope you enjoy it.








I feel my age a little more right now

adulthood is putting wrinkles on my brow

for the stress of impatience at my current vocation

substitute teaching has no shortage of frustration

immaturity infects the climate like a sickness

 I find myself brainstorming solutions with the quickness


I wish I could be Luke Skywalker the Jedi knight

using the force in the classroom there would be no fight

that I couldn’t handle I think kids would find

if they didn’t obey I would literally change their mind

shoot I’d go dark side on ‘em there’d be nothing greater

than choking them with my mind just like Darth Vader

but maybe I don’t need to do all that I’d probably get fired

though in every teacher’s lounge I’d secretly be admired

my goal as a teacher for every girl and boy

is simply to teach and not to destroy


Still it might be cool not to use the Force to slaughter

but instead  I’d be a wizard like Harry Potter

charms and spells could take the place

of screaming yelling and stressing my face

I could silence kids with the flick of my wrist

there’d be no way for any of them to resist

but the question is would I be able to hold back

and not give in to a dark magic attack?

cause I’m pretty sure I’d encounter the sort

that would make me go all Voldemort

and the crucio curse would be thrown all over the place

no kid would dare get up in my face

cause if he did he’d get the arvada kedavra for sure!

but that probably wouldn’t cause my employment to endure

besides I’m not really a dark wizard kind of man

and I definitely don’t want to get sent to Azkaban

I suppose what I need must come from within

though I am not the strongest among men

I have what it takes – be it boring or fun

no dark side no dark magic – just a job well done