Mom and dad crossed the ocean with two leaving with three
far away in the Pacific Agaňa, Guam witnessed me
1977 December 2 1pm on a Friday
mom gave birth with dad by her side this was certainly my day
its true there were two before me as I was their third son
but as for dad being in the delivery room my birth was the first one
I was loved from the beginning of my entrance to this place
there was laughter in the air and a smile on every face









I knew right from wrong and the Spirit stirred
in South Dakota there was something about the Word
that drew me in at age 11
clothed with Christ I was seated in Heaven
never to die be separated or afraid
by the will of Christ I was remade
and filled up with the power of Life Divine
purchased by Blood I was no longer mine
departing the Valley of Humiliation
I followed the Shepherd unto Salvation








Attraction dictates what we become
I like something because that’s where I’m from
unfortunate ‘til that time it had remained unseen
but I wrote my first poem when I was fifteen
Burton, Michigan sitting in class 1993
it came from within no one taught me
God made me saved me and gave me a gift
to cry out and grieve inspire and uplift

Life salvation and work with the pen
displayed for all treasured within