White Male Christian (An Apology)

My race my gender and my faith come with quite a price tag
all three have baggage all three have a huge bag
filled with the mistakes of those who came before
with a consequential history I cannot ignore
nor can I delete all my own offenses
my burned bridges and broken fences
so from all my ancestors and yes even me
I offer up this humble apology

European Caucasian mostly known as white
in the eyes of many ethnicities I can never be right
I am charged guilty upon introduction
and into the halls of villainy is my races’ induction
I cannot argue for a moment with those who feel this way
for too often have we stolen murdered and taken away
from those who we deemed were not our kind
but less than as we ransacked with depraved mind
rarely have we done as we should
the power of my race was supposed to be for good!
we were supposed to be the good guys
so on behalf of my race I apologize

To the women and children let me say
that even if I apologized non stop every day
I would not be able to sum it up as long as I live
so with the rest of my life I solemnly swear to give
back to those who we have hurt and left behind
we men have abandoned and destroyed as if with one mind
but it wasn’t supposed to be like this
the societal male blessing wasn’t supposed to miss
we have left those that needed us alone in the dark
we have blown every chance and missed every mark
we have looked you in the face while telling you lies
so on behalf of all men I apologize

The last segment of this sorrowful lament
comes from the most grievous place I’ve spent
for I am a Christian and how I wish that meant more
how I wish we Christ followers adhered to His core
but one doesn’t have to go very far to search
to uncover the sins of the Church
racism sexism slavery and war
cowardice lust and so much more
for we Christians have been the same as those we condemn
our hollow lights have glowed so very dim
and what excuse do we have for all that we’ve done
when our Example is none other than God’s own Son
we have too long gone with those unwise
so on behalf of my faith I apologize