I’ve risked time money honor and reputation

to pursue my own ends in yielding to temptation

sometimes I’ve been caught sometimes I’ve gotten away

but every time I’ve crossed the line its been a very bad day

cause being in trouble aint no fun in the world or in my head

there is no joy in the feeling that turns my heart to lead

I’ve risked so much for the sake of being wrong

I hope to God I’ve had enough ‘cause its been this way too long

these risks I have taken just make no sense

trespassing across my neighbors fence

into realms forbidden for the likes of me

but in all truth what I’d really like to see

is a little bit of risk for the sake of righteousness

put myself on the line for the faith I confess

and get in a little trouble for doing what’s right

I’d take a lot of trouble for turning on the light!

in a world that has gotten so far down

let faith hope and love reverb and abound

and if that gets me in trouble then I say bring it on

let my risk remain for righteousness let my risk for sin be gone