This was written more than two years ago.  I would love to stick to this ideal one hundred percent.  Thanks for reading!

I am not here because I have to be

I am not here because I should

obligation will not motivate me

duty often repels my attraction to good

I am not here because of right

my rights are insufficient justification

entitlement stumbles in the night

but I have a higher motivation

Not because I must

nor because I can

neither one yield the fruits of a successful plan

but desire sweet desire informs my every action

being neither pushed nor pulled

I am propelled by my own attraction

I am here because I want to be

I am here ‘cause this is good

privilege serves to motivate me

giving no regard to whether I should

nobody is making me twisting my arm

standing over me ‘til I get it correct

if I choose not to – I’ll suffer no harm

I have the choice to redirect

I have the desire to be here today

it is my choice that’s true

my voice has chosen not that I might or may

I come today because I want to

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