When things go wrong sometimes people say
that irreconcilable differences left no way
for things to have gone the way they should
so we shut it down cause it’s just no good
better to call dead things dead there’s no need to trip
call it off there is no longer any relationship

All of this is based in painful familiarity
it’s break my heart reality with zero hilarity
two offended parties going separate ways
hoping the exit yields better future days
satisfied in one way glad to be out
but unsatisfied in another ever entertaining doubt
what if we hadn’t chosen relationship’s elimination?
what if somehow there could’ve been reconciliation?

That’s what we wonder is it not?
don’t we imagine these battles fought
yielding themselves to something more fulfilling
and not just a scenario with everyone so unwilling
I suppose a requirement over right and wrong
would be more about which one is strong
and that would be strong in terms of righteousness
thus creating a great need for forgiveness
so hard to give especially when right
but there’s nothing else that will bring the light
of healing when one has issued offense
and no longer has any defense
but is simply at the mercy of the one offended
the only one who can prevent its being ended

I know of no greater offense than that of the Divine
Who extended forgiveness when I crossed the line
the relationship was salvaged it did not go away
though my actions lacked merit He chose to let me stay
He said that I am His child
that’s why this season means so much
God and sinners reconciled