I don’t know if I can say this the way it needs to be said
but I’m inclined to speak what’s in my heart and head
the truth of the matter is these thoughts are pretty old
so it’s high time I told you cause to me you’re solid gold

I admire you in the truest sense of the word
your drive focus and determination remain undeterred
by setbacks that would bury a weaker heart
but your steel is evident in every part
and that’s why you’re worthy of congratulation
that’s why you have my undying admiration

I honor you for how far you’ve come
I know where you stand and I know where you’re from
and the distance in between is the east to the west
now this side of hard work you’ve earned some rest
I would consider myself successful if I ended up just like you
I offer up honor your example is a great view

I’m proud of you I brag about you a lot
your ethic and perseverance are worth being caught
by any and everyone wanting to succeed
your commitment to discipline is commitment indeed
so I have so much hope for your generation
your true spirit defying expectation
let’s me know you know what to do
for these and so many reasons are why I’m so proud of you

I love you there is no other more important to me
you alone are the one with whom I always want to be
for reasons I can understand and for some I cannot
my love for you is greater than anything I’ve thought
there’s a mystery to it I wouldn’t have it any other way
I love you so much you’re my night you’re my day