The God of five loaves and two fish is still here
He is the same this year and last year
we do a little and He does beyond measure
we do spare change He does crazy treasure

There was a Saturday morning I can use as an example
His performance as usual was perfectly ample
to give you an idea of what I’m saying
so you too can pass on these words conveying
the boxes were coming my direction
and we were making this awesome collection
of food to give away for those in need
so impressive were those in the lead
and they admitted being impressed too
for our hours to complete the job were a few
until about 400 were stacked against the wall
what a sight! we had a ball!
now here’s the kicker the big surprise
the folks in charge directed our eyes
to stuff for us! is this for real?!
oh my word! what a deal!
I walked over to see what was good for taking
and then I saw it – my hands started shaking
I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a gag
five pounds of Starbucks beans in a bag!
now days later it’s a daily reminder
that God’s kindness is ever kinder
these beans from the food bank in Sumner County
testify to the riches of God’s great bounty