An unexpected party started the greatest adventure he ever took
any other day he’d be sitting by the fire reading a book
but one wiser than he chose him for the task
even though he certainly did not ask
for the two sides of his personality didn’t have equal share
and the dominant one would never dare
do what the lesser one longed to do
but the lesser became greater and that’s how he got through
the first thing he faced concerned a peculiar whim
of hungry trolls leaving roast mutton and choosing instead to feast on him
and his friends but luck wisdom sunshine and wit
overturned the trolls’ attempts they didn’t get a bit
so the fifteen were soon on their way
to a short rest for many a night and many a day
the Last Homely House where they stayed as guest
Lord Elrond gave them respite from their quest
supplied with food drink story and song
and complete protection from all things wrong
they stayed there in Rivendell for many days and nights
until the day came for them to leave those happy lights
and go out over hill and under hill as well
horrible things lived down in where they fell
but they were rescued once again by a wizard’s spark
and a magic ring was won by a match of riddles in the dark
but if I told you they were doing well I would be a liar
as they were out of the frying-pan into the fire
of goblins and wargs united set on evil to bring
but the wizard organized transportation on the back of eagle’s wing
to lead them to queer lodgings what an interesting place!
their skin-changing host had more than one face
the bear-man was frightening but ultimately good
and he prepared them for their trek through Mirkwood
like flies and spiders they were the prey
and it is true they all would’ve died that day
had it not been for him and his ring
such cleverness displayed with his courage and sting
but the victory was brief as they would be caught
by suspicious elves who didn’t trust them a lot
or at all really but drunken elves were conned
by the invisible thief with barrels out of bond
on to a warm welcome by nearly all around
the hospitality was great right there in Lake Town
they re-fueled there it was so great to see
soon they were on the doorstep of their mighty enemy
he seemed impenetrable invincible he had wrought such desolation
but a little bird was listening and delivered inside information
the enemy was unaware his weakness had been been made known
so he took off for war and death leaving the company alone
they were confused for a while and soon began to roam
for they couldn’t understand why the dragon was not at home
but fire and water collided when the archer heard what was said
one arrow black and true – the great dragon was dead
all would’ve been won the journey done that day
but complications arose and lead to another way
the gathering of the clouds signaled battle’s call
even though a thief in the night was put out with it all
such stubbornness was inexcusable in his well earned opinion
he was tired beyond description and sick of being a minion
but foes became allies as the goblins did their worst
for at the battle of five armies through violence the clouds burst
tears were shed amends were made and ultimately good won
many things happened on the mountain that could not be undone
the impact would be felt for the rest of his days
the consequences would impact all of his ways
at last the day came for the return journey back
his experiences and treasure filled much more than his pack
but his mind was filled for his story would be written page after page
quill ink and paper would be passed for this would not be the last stage