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Strike Me Down (In Memory of Obi-Wan Kenobi)
by Jason Tomlinson

In a moment I felt a great disturbance in the Force
millions were silenced in one swift course
the strength of such evil was foreign to me
I didn’t know of such atrocities such severity
the Dark Side was much darker than I thought
an end must be made before further harm is wrought
I feel the Force leading me to a place of surrender
a plan forms in my mind and I will be the sender
of freedom for those who will finish the fight
no battle station will subdue the Light
I shut down the pull so my friends can go
and I am confronted by a powerful foe
A Master of Evil stands in my way
intent on making this my last day
he wants to kill me and I will permit it
because he really doesn’t get it
he can’t imagine how powerful I will be
when he strikes me down but already I can see
just What the Force wants to accomplish here
in victory I surrender and swiftly disappear