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Don’t Leave Me
by Jason & Leah Tomlinson

Closeness comes
with a taste that’s bittersweet
a dichotomy containing
victory and defeat
for past the moment of embrace
one misfortune stays
and casually we go our separate ways
I don’t like it – not one bit
cause I don’t ever want
the closeness to quit
snuggled up sweet
is where I want you to be
stay right here – please – don’t leave me

Don’t leave me
Don’t go where I can’t follow
I said “yes”, I said “I do”
To my words let me be true
If you leave me you break them
You break us too
Don’t leave me, remember all the good we can do
Not because of us, but for what He’s brought us through
Truly closeness comes through victory and defeat
Stay on my team-please-don’t leave me