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So Many Ways
by Jason Tomlinson

I like video games I really do
I’ve been playing for a while and much more than just a few
from the early 80s to 2015
these games on my tv could always be seen
I could talk about how much fun they’ve been
go down the road of nostalgia but then again
I’m actually thinking of something else that additionally relates
a simple fact that quite honestly aggravates
there’s this thing thing about how video games are done
this thing about how the games are won
if you wanna beat a game I’m sad to say
that your goal can only be met one way
there’s only one way to get those closing credits scrolling
only one way to be the victor controlling
earning the outcome the programmers laid out
from start to finish following their route
I just wonder in a field so loaded with imagination
could they make a game with more intriguing variation
cause I gotta wonder what the effect is on all of us gamers
when these programs program us to be repetitious samers
seeing only one possibility to a puzzle’s solution
when in truth there may be more for a positive conclusion
there may be two three or seven ways to get the prize
who knows? but only trying one can’t be wise
if the goal of a situation is to arrive
4+1 11-6 and 10\2 all equal 5
there are so many paths go get to where we’re going
so many ways to find out what others are knowing
even lies and mistakes can lead us to what’s true
just consider the diversity through which victory has come to you