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The Chicken and the Bear
by Jason Tomlinson

I always thought that if I could
get away from the bear that’d be good
cause one of these days he’s gonna be
the source of of my downfall – the death of me
I hate that bear I hate him every bit
his violence is displayed hit after hit
to the point where I’m consumed every day
this bear ain’t gonna get me – I’ve got to get away
so I’m hiding undercover laying low a bunch
he is not gonna get me! I am not gonna be his lunch!

This has worked for a little while
but deep down on the inside
evading this killer has been good
but I’m still not satisfied
cause I’ve gotten away
from this savage go-getter
but I can’t say I’m any better
he didn’t get me where I abide
but the thing is I’m empty inside
I need filling amidst all this action
escape with no nourishment
still yields no satisfaction

Now I know you may chuckle
at the next word I’m kickin’
but I’ve actually been filled
cause I caught me a chicken
I evaded the bear but I got the bird
and in the end that’s the best word
it’s what I’ve needed all along
both escape and eating complete my song
secure in and out loving life a bunch
the bear didn’t get me and the chicken is my lunch!