This morning I woke up with burdens in my head
anxiety so early? I should stay in bed
but I got up and went about my day
and eventually I found a better way
I’ll tell you what it is if you gimme a minute
you’re gonna wanna know how I was able to win it
cause I bet you wake up with anxiety too
and I bet you’d like it to vanish from view
if you your mental state is leaning towards crappy
you just gotta make it happy
chocolate chip cookies fresh baked in the oven
or hot coffee with snickerdoodles is what I’m lovin’
the best magazine in my mailbox
a Superman t shirt with Batman socks
video games with friends projected on the wall
red orange leaves on trees in the fall
balloons donuts and unexpected friends
former enemies making amends
kisses and hugs from my kids – all three
my wife snuggled on the couch with me
a job well done from my excellent boss
a spicy chicken sandwich with barbecue sauce
a poem that captures everyone’s imagination
steps that take way everyone’s frustration
Nintendo Apple Marvel and DC
Disney Dreamworks they’re all for me
writing a poem with tears on the page
then performing it live with spoken word rage
all these listed are for when you get too slappy
keep em close too my friends and always be happy