The Song of My City (A Love Poem to Washington D.C.)
by Jason Tomlinson

Two hundred years plus this city has seen it all

war peace riots order many rise many fall
but the city remains as a beacon for many things
walking the streets I am overcome hearing the songs she sings
songs of freedom equality accomplishment and history
songs of unrest pain tragedy and solemnity
songs of hope perseverance and conviction with every breath
songs of why not and invention songs of life songs of death
the songs she sings are as varied  as the children in her fold
precious in sight beautiful to behold
eternal and ageless and also ever new
this city sings for me this city sings for you
immeasurably beautiful redefining what will and what can
this city sings her song she sings her song for every man
To hear the podcast of this poem featuring my good friend, Ryan Voss, click here.