This boat was used by Danish rebels to smuggle Jews safely to Sweden.

A Powerful Thought (In Response to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
by Jason Tomlinson 

My attempts to describe what I saw today would be drastically in vain

there are no words worthy enough to convey or explain 
the depth of pain and tragedy I bore witness to
just reading looking and listening was all I could do
in between disgust condemnation sorrow and rage
my heart lead my mind to fully engage
and I had a thought a powerful thought in the dark
the bad guys weren’t the only ones to leave their mark
there were heroes defying the wickedness of men
there were righteous pillars in the kingdom of sin
there were fighters healers and those initiating 
agents of good we can now be emulating
and what sets them apart from those who did not act
is a realization it is this one fact
what you do matters – let that sink in 
what you do matters – I don’t mind saying it again
cause the truth is we all have a part to play
and we will all be remembered for what we do today 
our acts of courage or cowardice will matter regardless of who we are
the rings ripple outward ever with no limit how far
they spread across all time far beyond the grave
since what you do matters – let’s be heroes let’s be brave 
I wrote  this today after my visit to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Please remember this. What you do matters.