Believe it or not, I took this!

A Prayer for My President

by Jason Tomlinson
You love him you hate him you hope he does what’s right
you attack him you defend him you hope he supports your fight
many petition him from citizens to kings
and now I petition on his behalf to the Maker and Creator of all things 
Let him lean not on his own understanding 
let him delight in every Word You’re  commanding
let him acknowledge You before every state
and please dear Father make his paths straight 
may he love justice and walk humbly before You
may he confide in and always adore you
may he be among us as one who serves all
placing himself last listening to Your call
dear God I ask for his personal protection 
surround him with your angels on every direction 
I ask that You put on on his marriage an abundant blessing
with love for his wife always confessing
and for his children this and every year
may his presence as their daddy be ever near
God I thank You so much for our president of these states United
may he be in Your will delighted 
may he always be right though tried may he be true
may he lose himself completely and find himself in You
for the leader of this country’s women and men 
I ask for these things in Jesus’ Name Amen!