Give Her Dad
by Jason Tomlinson 

I know her face I see her everyday 

and her smile continues to be new in every way 
that is to say it doesn’t get old
but it instead it is much more precious than gold
because it’s her and she is a treasure 
and being with her is a gift a pleasure 
from her birthday to a few minutes ago 
when times are quick or when they are slow
she is mine she’s my daughter and wherever we go
it is a blessing to be her daddy every month of the year 
knowing that I won’t always be here
so each moment is that much more precious for sure
so it is so important to keep communication pure 
I affirm her encourage her speak truth into her soul
I give her the tools that so she can be in control
wisdom creativity love for good hate for bad 
but most of all I give her myself as her dad