Ideas are for Sharing
by Jason Tomlinson 

Did you ever have an idea without really knowing

whether or not it was really flowing?
like maybe it’s good maybe it’s bad
but you wouldn’t know quite what you had
until you went ahead and put it out there
put yourself on the line to go ahead and share
You’ll never know without the risk to take
never know the good you’ll make
unless you try and just go for it 
turn it lose don’t you dare store it
if it’s bad you gotta get it gone
out of your head – don’t turn turn that junk on
and if it’s good it’ll blossom into a mighty tree
and bless all that come by – try it you’ll see
its branches will shade the weary from the scorching sun 
it’s fruit will feed those who always had none
for what you put out was good they were waiting
and now the nations are celebrating 
your potential realized your purpose discovered 
the risk revealed your brilliance uncovered 
your enemies now your friends with support declaring
what are you waiting for? ideas are for sharing