Jeremy Jason Joel and Daniel Tomlinson

I Love My Brothers
by Jason Tomlinson

I cannot begin to tell you how energized I feel
when us four boys get together for real
I think this is how it should be always
we should be neighbors for all of our days
but we live in two different states and four different cities
such limits has us creating ditties
when we could be composing symphonies
holding the world hostage to beautiful melodies
this is all metaphorical of course we don’t all make music
but a T bro headquarters? I feel like we could use it
do you realize how long it’s been since we lived in the same town?
decades have passed since we had such common ground
is there some mystery here waiting to be undone?
truth be known we haven’t shared city limits since 1991
more than 20 years have come and gone since then
and when I think about it like this it seems like sin
nothing right about it the whole thing makes me sad
for us to be so separated it just feels bad
I don’t mean to whine but it does help to admit
that I don’t like the miles between us not one bit
I feel like I’m more myself when we’re all together
I feel like life is richer I feel like life is better
I love these men and this will ever be
I love my brothers they mean the world to me