Three Years to Change
by Jason Tomlinson

Three years to change the world can it be done?
distractions abound from tuning out to too much fun
but work beckons in varying degrees
and trust me – she is not here to people please
true she doesn’t mind having fun provided it fits within
the framework for success an appropriate means to an end
and that end comes up so fast every year
each group rotates right through right here
and sometimes it seems like it is way too fast
like we need another way to try and make it last
but it is folly to wish for such things
for wisdom is content with what reality brings
and the truth is three years is enough
but the prerequisites for success are tougher than tough
in fact it’s gonna take all we’ve got
every word action idea and thought
late nights early mornings and all over again
many defeats before a single win
but that win will come and you will see
sometimes subtle sometimes obvious but straight to you and me
no we don’t do this in isolation
every man for himself isn’t our narration
but all for one and one for all
I’ve got your back if you should fall
and I know you’ve got mine so glad you do
we’re a team so together we’ll make it through
arm in arm side by side leaving behind all fears
ready to change the world – all it takes is three years